Monday, January 13, 2014

Domestic Spying

I was watching some news program over the weekend and PRISM and the NSA came up again. I can understand the privacy concerns, sort of. There are some things I’d want to keep secret from the NSA, not because they’re illegal or even necessarily embarrassing, just because I like keeping secrets from the NSA. 

Thing is, on TV people were all angry about the “domestic spying’ and illegal surveillance. You know what though, I feel sorry for the NSA agents. Can you imagine how many ridiculous phone calls between Ashlee, Britney, Brittany, Ashley, Ashleigh and Janice they had to listen to? There’s, like, totes got to be literally billions of hours of texts with all their private thoughts and whatever. I feel sorry for the analysts that had to sort through all those conversations.

 Not that I’m trying to help the terrorists, but on the off chance I ever have to flee justice, all of my cell phones will be cloned from those of teenage girls. I guarantee any agent over the age of 25 having to monitor those lines will give up or become mentally unhinged after a couple hours.

 There’s also a joke in here about deleting any incidental selfies because I’m old, not old and creepy, but to be honest, I’m okay with old and creepy.


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