Sunday, January 05, 2014

The world has created a thing called vegan leather which I'm pretty sure means the word is doomed by human stupidity

Occasionally I like the ads on web pages because they wake me up. Like the ad for "vegan leather" I just saw. There's the Seinfeld joke about dry cleaning that comes to mind. But the marketing BS of "vegan" leather aside, I like the idea of people trying to protect animals buying stuff dependent on a mix of chemicals which cause greater damage to the earth, thereby hurting booth plants and animals.

A bunny that somehow lays chicken eggs gets one day of the year. Heck, bacon gets a day and bacon comes from animals :) Jews get like a week for Hanukkah and despite all that Earth gets one day. "The oil lasted longer than we thought it would" outweighs THE EARTH.

So I applaud vegan leather, not just for the marketing genius that is taking something 100% animal and making it vegan, but for screwing with the planet more in the process. All in pursuit of selling shiny objects to uuppie women.


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