Friday, June 02, 2017

Tyopgraphical errorrs Yesterday Google released an infographic showing the commonly misspelled words by state. I get that in the age of auto-correct on every device there really isn't an excuse to fuck up the word "people", but how would Google know that North Carolina isn't just filled with mathematicians and peeple who love trigonometry? Those for whom, the cosine requires no calculator. For whom the tangent is indeed, not tangential, but actually the acute focus of their attention. Those who supplement their daily diet not with vitamins but with radians. How, Google, how would you know? Even God cares about the beauty of mathematics and he who is omnipresent can see all the angles. And in that spirit, as much as I want to wax poetic on how someone could fuck up the word "liar" with DJT in the White House, I'm willing to give them a pass because it's just as likely peeple were asking about how to put out a pants fire in an evil lair. None of that excuses New Mexico though, are you serious? At least some of these other states had the decency to screw up a real work like pneumonia. Note to my kid: if you end up at Arizona State I will fucking disown you.


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