Saturday, March 18, 2017


I leave home this morning and all's well. I mean, okay fine, we've pissed off the Brits, the Germans, we're like a week away from shooting at North Koreans, a metric fuck ton of people are still dying in and around Syria and Iraq, or just trying to flee Syria and Iraq. And a whole different metric fuck tonne are starving in East Africa. Also the Aussies still seem a bit annoyed at us for some reason, and we're probably going to start a trade war with China. Oh and Mexico is pretty much done with our bullshit. Then there was some asshole in Paris, again. And we're going to be cutting off somewhere between 14 and 24 million people from health insurance over the next few years but still don't have a plan that actually controls health-care costs. Also my shoulder still hurts....Okay so I left home this morning and things were pretty fucked, but like, in a way I kind of understood. And then I get home and Chuck Berry is dead. What the fuck man? c'mon.


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