Friday, March 03, 2017


I was asked recently to take a look at this report that included a section on population growth. As it comes on the heels of the reinstatement of the “Mexico City Rule” gag order, I have to think that what we’re doing is making more people around the world who don’t generally like America. It’s basically the same argument I have with the abortion debate domestically just writ global. It’s not the devout Evangelical voters having abortions. Making abortions illegal breeds more Democrats. It’s the people who can’t afford economically or emotionally to have the child who are getting abortions, so making the process illegal breeds a larger welfare state and more broken familes. It’s counterproductive to stated intentions. Either you’re lying to yourself or lying to everyone else and neither should be tolerable.

There was another reference I noticed was this Amnesty report . One of these days I just want to read something from Amnesty International that doesn’t make me want to fucking shoot myself. Just give me like a Tweet with some cute puppies or something. Sometimes I think suicide hotlines exist simply for people that have to write and read Amnesty International reports. I digress, what was I trying to get to? Ah, right congratulations America, our leadership is on par with Duterte, a guy who literally brags about extrajudicial killings and Erdogan, so I expect an Executive Order from President Bannon, sorry, Trump making it illegal to insult the President very shortly. It’s on the to-do list right after the one modifying the Statue of Liberty to add “NOT!” to the end of the quote on the plaque. And before you get all whiny, I’m joking. I know Trump won’t change the quote because it currently ends with mentioning a golden door and he takes that literally enough to want one for White Power; I mean Trump Tower.


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