Saturday, January 10, 2015

Shoe laces

I regularly leave the house with my shoes tied. I would say somewhere between 5-7 days a week I’ve got on some sort of footwear with laces. And when I leave the house they’re tied. But at least a few time a week I find myself in the middle of the sidewalk, or walking out of a meeting, or just some random place, having to stop and re-tie my shoelaces. That’s a pretty high failure rate for a technology that’s been around for a while. If I used a fork and half the time it failed to pick up and hold food, I’d invent something else. Well, we sort of did, that’s why we eat soup with a spoo. And we did the same for shoes too. We’ve had Velcro for decades but laces think they’re so high and mighty that Velcro is only for toddlers and the elderly. I think Velcro needs to get a new PR team in place. Get a good marketing campaign going like “velco: because if anything else failed in their job as often as shoe laces, you chuck it to the fucking curb.”


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